Education & Research

Dr. Dib is leading the research community in finding ways to restore function to the heart muscle after a major cardiac event. We have developed a cardiovascular research program that seeks ways to restore the health of patients who have received all the recommended medical therapies available. Our program has a variety of clinical trials that will explore many options for patients with heart disease, including:


Identifying cardiovascular disease in the early stages will enable clinicians to provide the best outcome with early intervention. This area of research is aimed at determining which individuals are predisposed to coronary artery disease by identifying variations in DNA.

Cardiovascular devices

Our researchers are conducting a variety of studies for cardiovascular disease using new medical devices and advanced technology. Devices have been developed for congenital heart conditions such as atrial septal defects.


Using experimental growth factors or proteins, this procedure aims to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and may provide additional treatment options for individuals with severe, advanced coronary artery disease.

Myocardial Regeneration

Approximately two million hospital admissions for congestive heart failure occur annually. In an effort to find a much needed alternative treatment option for patients with heart failure, researchers within the Cardiovascular Research Center are participating in a stem cell therapy study that transplants adult stem cells, called mesenchymal precursor cells, into damaged areas of the heart. Researchers believe these transplanted cells may have the ability to enhance recovery of severely damaged heart muscle. The Center’s development of an adult cell therapy program may provide (delete alternative) additional treatment options for patients with chronic heart failure. Heart Sciences Center also has a program to treat early heart attack victims within seven days, in hopes of delaying and preventing consequences of heart attack and improving myocardial recovery.

Research Patients

Patients come from all over the U.S and Canada to participate in our research program because we provide them with access to leading-edge research. If you would like more information or are interested in participating in one of or clinic trials please contact us 480.728.9981.