System and Method for Visualizing Catheter Placement in a Vasculature

System and method for visualizing catheter placement in a vasculature

Patent number: 8798721

Abstract: A system for advancing a needle through a vasculature to an injection site at the heart of a patient includes a guide catheter with a reflective distal tip. Also included is an imaging unit that is mounted on the catheter to radiate an energy field. Structurally, a distal portion of the catheter is biased to bend into a predetermined configuration that will position the distal end of the catheter for interception by the energy field. If necessary, coincidence of the reflective tip with the energy field is established by moving the energy field along the length of the guide catheter. With coincidence, the reflective tip reflects a signal that is useful for advancement of the needle from the guide catheter and into the injection site.

Type: Grant

Filed: May 26, 2010

Issued: August 5, 2014

Assignee: Dib Ultrasound Catheter, LLC

Inventor: Nabil Dib

Infusion Catheter Tip for Biologics

Infusion catheter tip for biologics

Patent number: 8790298

Abstract: A system for moving particles suspended in a first fluid, and for infusing them into the stream of a second fluid, includes a catheter with a multi-lumen distal separator. The separator is formed with a plurality of parallel lumens, wherein each lumen has a predetermined diameter. Importantly, the diameter of each lumen is dimensioned to sequentially receive particles therethrough, to prevent the particles from flocculating before they enter the stream of the second fluid. A recollection chamber in fluid communication with the separator allows for reconsolidation of the fluid after leaving the separator and for minimizing the damage caused to the vessel when the fluid exits the catheter. An inflatable balloon, affixed to the outside of the catheter, can be provided to regulate flow of the second fluid and thereby facilitate entry of the particles into the stream of the second fluid and increase retention of particles in targeted tissue.

Type: Grant

Filed: May 17, 2012

Issued: July 29, 2014

Assignee: Translational Biologic Infusion Catheter, LLC

Inventor: Nabil Dib

Method for Infusing Stem Cells

Method for Infusing Stem Cells

Application number: 20140207107

Abstract: A method for infusing a liquid into a patient’s vasculature in accordance with an infusion protocol is disclosed. For this method, an infusion catheter having a multi-lumen infusion unit that is mounted adjacent the catheter’s distal end is positioned in an artery within a predetermined distance from an intended target tissue surface. An inflation balloon is then deployed to at least partially occlude the artery and a force is exerted on the liquid to establish a flow rate for the liquid in the catheter. Specifically, the force is exerted to infuse the liquid from the catheter through the infusion unit and into the vasculature with a homogeneous distribution of the liquid to cover the intended surface of the target tissue. The flow rate can be established in accordance with an infusion protocol that is characterized by time and liquid volume parameters based on viscosity and pressure values in the liquid.

Type: Application

Filed: March 6, 2014

Issued: July 24, 2014

Assignee: Translational Biologic Infusion Catheter, LLC

Inventors: Nabil Dib, Robert Edward Kohler